Ian Wollard | Pearson Bucholz Limited

Ian Wollard | Pearson Bucholz Limited


Pearson Buchholz Limited

Ian qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2005 and has remained working in private practice.

Before joining Pearson Buchholz Limited as a Director in 2010, Ian had worked in a variety of post qualified roles in both audit, general accountancy, tax and corporate finance.

Ian’s role at Pearson Buchholz is to lead the business services team, which in the main, has evolved following the firms partnership with Xero™, the accounting platform in 2011.

Ian thinks that online (or ‘cloud’) software is an exciting and still relatively niche concept in accounting and the business services team have developed a unique offering to its clients of fast, accurate and beautifully presented management accounting information.

Ian continues to develop the cloud based delivery principals and has recently began to offer clients more detailed business analytic reporting (via Crunchboards™) and financial projection planning and tracking. Ian believes that even the most simplest, smallest businesses can, and should, be benefiting from such modern ways of managing information in the accounting context.

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